Wall version. Photographer Andrea Rosset.
Pedestal version. Photographer Andrea Rosset.
Walkman version. Photographer Andrea Rosset.
Guide plate. Illustrations by Mauro Chiarotto.

Strumento a perdifiato (Breathless instrument)


98X82, ø 2 cm.

II have built a tool, which I call “Strumento a Perdifiato”, in order to render official and legitimate the action of speaking to oneself, otherwise seen as odd or, at the least, too subjective.

To speak to oneself is a deliberate action which involves the will to reach one’s own nature through an inner dialogue. On the other hand, the act of talking alone is often concerned with the condition of the human existence or with an inner disease which lies beyond our will.

The “Strumento a Perdifiato” guarantees simultaneous communication, it nullifies the difference between the senses, it allows hearing to correspond with speech, the mouth to superimpose the ear until they become one.