Photographer Paolo Carpenedo
Flyer, mimeograph, 33 X 22 cm.
Cardboard for music stand, 21.8 X 31.9 cm.

Dissociato. Non pentito (Dissociated. Not repentant)

Performance, dissociative action.

7 December 1982
Montecchio Magg. (VI)

After accepting an invitation to exhibit with a group of friends and former Academy students, I decided to revoche the choice made. Everything was ready, catalog and poster already printed and my name appeared in the text. The friendship that tied me to many of the artists involved in the project and a question of intellectual honesty forced me to publicly motivate my renunciation.

For the entire inaugural evening, I stood at the entrante of the exhibition dispensing a flyer explaining my gesture.




Abstention from exhibiting in the IMMAGIN/AZIONE review of Montecchio Maggiore.



First of all, I believe that exhibiting is attributable to the operator’s intimate need to make public, to show others the fruit of their work.

Now, when one engages in a more mental than visual direction or rather when one refuses an aesthetic of art, starting from the assumption that art itself ceases to be a location (and not in the sense of being = to exist) I find much inconvenient the fact of amicably adhering to a review which in its formality, with its transmuting power, brings everything back to the fact of showing to be seen. It is absolutely out of place to affirm the death of art or in any case its own extraneousness of belonging, manifesting pathologically the reasons from within and it is equally useless to demonstrate it also with certainly theatrical or spectacular means (even if unconventional).

Theatricality and spectacle are still synonyms of taste, fiction, fictitious images. They become images / actions, where once again the actions are translated into images and the imagination is, so to speak, a surrealist mirage-plaque.

If one commits oneself in favor of a communication that at the same time replaces the artistic production and refuses privileged moments, then it is useless to proceed with a “bottling” operation.

The vintage harvest is of no use, much less I want to increase the number of my actions, my CV. By this I mean applying an anesthetic to aesthetics and courting the privilege only in being there, in the here and now of each communication.

Morbin Giovanni                                                                                      Montecchio Magg.

via Cavour 39  Cornedo Vic.                                                                      7/12/1982

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