Zona temperata (Temperate zone)


Duration approximately 1h48'.

Sunday, October 31, 2021
Contemporary Trieste, Trieste.

"Intermezzo", with Slaven Tolj

curated by Daniele Capra.

At the entrance, a male figure with a formal bearing welcomes those who want to enter. She seems to be part of the staff and who looks after “the public”.

Without revealing my affinity with art, without particular emphasis but totally absorbed in the role I play, I check everyone’s Green Pass and body temperature. I interpret my routine with courtesy but without fraternizing with people. I don’t reveal that I am one of the authors they came to see, nor that I am a performer immersed in my action. Check, register, and pass…

At each check, I fill out and sign a coupon that highlights identity, possession of the Green Pass and body temperature. The coupon is a subdued work that I give to anyone who crosses the entrance without letting them know they are holding in their hands one of those works they have come to see.

I don’t know how many coupons will remain in visitors’ pockets and how many will be lost in the garbage. What I find unique and unmissable are the individual presences and I give a value to each of them.