Attrezzi (Tools)

From left to right:

Attrezzo. Braccio rotto (Tool. Broken arm)
Shovel handle. orthopedic bandage
and oak branch.
Height 306 cm., Ø 3.7 cm.

Lascia (play on words between the ax
and to leave)
Ax handle, wax, hazel branch.
Height 400 cm., Ø 3.7 cm.

Manico T badile (Showel T handle)
Shovel handle, orthopedic bandage,
beech branch and iron rod.
Height 354 cm., Width 154 cm., Ø 4 cm.

I conceived these objects because I never liked that the works of art could not be touched. Of course, I understand the reasons but, despite this, it is something that I struggle to digest even today.

Secondly, I wanted to create alienating objects, objects that struggled to bestow their nature and engaged those who look at them or touch them in a translation of meaning.

Culture produces gestures destined and which, in addition to having a destiny, show shareable properties and this is what suggested me how to name them.

I called them tools precisely because they can be touched and used. What would a tool be that you can’t even get close to? So what’s better than a handle to hold in sculpture. Their name was also born from the generalità of the word which is not imperative, which does not totally reveal meaning and function and which you must assign.