Still from video.
Lambda on lenticular, 81 X 92 cm. approximately.
Lambda on lenticular, 81 X 92 cm. approximately.

Nine talents brought to there knees



Video, 1’14 "(in loop).

Lambda on lenticular (composition of the nine pieces),
81 X 92 cm. approximately.

No heroic conditions, the work shows the figure of the artist, the performer, in his fragility, paranoia and also in banality of everyday existence. Postures and gestures similar to those performed in front of the mirror, conducted in the certainty of not to be seen.

The lenticular photo does not want to enrich the image with techno attributes but is simply the device that sets it free from photographic stillness.

Each fragment of the work is composed of two images taken from as many videos shot with the mobile phone. There is none crew and there is not even post production. Processing alone comes down to selecting and overlapping two images and their coupling on the vertical axis.