Postcard invitation to the event with lenticular insert. Graphic design by Damir Jellici.
Postcard invitation to the event. Graphic design by Damir Jellici.
Video frames. View from the road to the train.
Video frames. View from the train to the street.
Digital print on dibond, 278.8 x 7.5 cm.

Dinamismo interno in treno
Internal dynamism on the train)

Haybridizaction 8

Sorte, Verona, Italy

October 13, 2012.

In collaboration with Fuoriscala (VR)
with the patronage of Mart di Rovereto (TN), Italy.

While the public waits for something to happen in the agreed place (Località Sorte, VR, on the memorial stone of Boccioni’s death) I whiz past them on board the train that leads to Trento. Only a few have seen me and many have the feeling that nothing has happened or that they have lost something. After a hundred years of avant-garde we still look in a central perspective.

An hour later, I meet the public in the waiting room of the Rovereto railway station between quelli che vanno e quelli che restano (those who go and those who stay).

In the Venetian dialect Morbin is often referred to someone who never stands still and who has quicksilver on him… “Quel toso el ga el morbin”, a form of plastic dynamism!