Digital print on dibond, 51,2 X 70 cm.
Digital print on dibond, 38,2 X 70 cm.
Digital print on dibond, 24,9 X 70 cm.
Digital print on dibond, 20,5 X 70 cm.
Digital print on dibond, 16, 5 X 70 cm.

Mi arrendo! (I give up!)

e-static, Torino


14 June 2014
duration 3 h.


Five digital prints on dibond,
variable dimensions.

The portion of the image chosen is inversely proportional to its economic value. To reinforce the importance of the idea in conceptual art, an increase in the surface-image chosen corresponds to a decrease in the amount to be paid and vice versa.

The audience enters the room; empty and without signs of art. I take my place among the people anonymously. I wait a few more seconds to accelerate the sense of loss and search for something to see or about to happen.
I conquer the center of the room by walking among people with my hands raised. I’m giving up, here, … I’m giving up! I give in to pressure, fatigue and rhythm. After all, I am of a certain age.
I remain with my hands raised in surrender as long as my strength permits, as long as I can support the weight of my arms.
As long as I keep my hands up, I surrender to art. I can’t take it anymore and I get a reason.
Exhausted the forces, the supplies, I lower my arms and go back among the people, I am like them: one who does not give up.


I never try the action before doing it. I want to be in the same condition as the public, a virgin at the verification.