Photographer Aldo Ottaviani.
Photographer Aldo Ottaviani.
Photographer Aldo Ottaviani.
Photograph Ela Bialkowska.

L’ANGOLO DEL SALUTO (The greeting corner)


MDF and stainless steel

202.5 x 32.5 x 101.5 cm.

The greeting generates spontaneous gestures, intended for others and which instinctively assume forms promoted in the instant.

The corner of the greeting shows a closed, complete and measurable form. It is a volume, a volume of air, the void that separates the arm from the trunk in the act of the fascist salute. A truly invisible void because it is the movement of air that is portrayed. The displacement that projects what happens forward with respect to the place where it happens.

I am not concerned with history, as one might trivially suppose, but with the contemporary. I observe things that do not become images and that therefore seem not to exist … I observe things that, if dangerous, are even more so when they are not seen.