Digital invitation to the event.

La ricaduta dell’Impero Romano (The relapse of the Roman Empire)


Duration 7h.

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Almissa open Art Festival 2017, (HR).

curated by Slaven Tolj.

Dressed like a Roman centurion, I wait outside the “Konzum” supermarket offering 5 kuna to anyone who has their picture taken with me, as the sign next to me reads.

The backdrop of the event, the Dalmatian coast, corresponds to what was the offshoot of the Roman Empire and extension of the Venetian Republic. Omiš, just south of Split. From there I look, as do the audience, at Italy, the land that grants me a lukewarm attention. From there, I look at my land, which shows the clear signs of an economic and political crisis, of a world that can hardly withstand the incursion of emerging countries. Rome, which asks tourists for money to take home the idea of the Rome that was. I am what I am, an artist in eternal exile of a shy and cross-eyed belonging, too.

Ninety participations where photographically recorded during the action.