General view of the work.
General view of the work in its dynamics.
The hiccup.
The cut and angle of the greeting.
Technical project by Claudio Niorettini, Audio Laboratory (Castelgomberto, VI - Italy).

Hiccup (Singhiozzo)


turntable, speaker, cut vinyl record,
52 x 44.3 x 110 cm.

The art of speaking in public and for the public is an ancient and socially recognized thing. It was and still is today about knowing how to compose and exhibit in order to strike and persuade the audience.
When a speaker is about to speak, the worst thing that can happen to him is being the victim of a fit of hiccups. All of a sudden the calmness, the safety, the connection with the public and the concentration on the contents to offer are interrupted.

A turntable resting on a base about one meter high which hides an amplification system. The record that turns on the plate plays the Mussolini speech of “La mobilitazione generale. Speech of October 2, 1935. The vinyl lacks a slice of the same angular width as “The corner of the salute” and, as a result of this lack, the cartridge jumps conspicuously and jeopardizes the integrity of the sound and the understanding of the voice registered.

The needle lands again and randomly on the grooves and continues the turn on the platter as in an obsessive loop.