Photographer Aldo Ottaviani.

Fioriera (Flower box)


Stainless steel, flowers (forget me not)
and water

90 X 90 X 12 cm.

Every time I exhibit this work, I expose myself; I expose myself to the fiercest criticisms and I am aware of it. Despite this, I cannot avoid taking on this responsibility. I can’t pretend not to see what is exhibited in public events, I can’t keep silent about what I read more and more often on the walls of our cities.

We discuss an image well present in the collective unconscious, a sign that recalls very sad moments of a still recent history. Despite having historical origins, this work speaks of the contemporary and emerges from a current situation that often minimizes gestures that should be firmly resumed.

Fioriera is a piece of furniture, a mirroring object that sucks in anyone who approaches to water the plants. Day by day, it forces us to make a conscious gesture that avoids any project of mithridatization.