Dopo aver parlato a lungo da solo, finalmente ho deciso di ascoltarmi (After talking to myself for a long time, I finally decided to listen to myself)


May-June 1984

After completing my studies, I lived intensely the wild role of the independent artist, far from academies, galleries and museums, outside protected reserves: I was looking for opportunities to manifest myself in an incisive way. Little used to worldliness, I delivered my works to the most suitable environmental contexts (my studio, a hill, a square, etc.) and the public that usually followed my activity was made up for the most part of friends and acquaintances. Each of us knew the principles, ideas and opinions of the other and the dialectical confrontation ended up resembling a monologue / soliloquy.

I soon realized that making one’s ideas and work available to the community without a recognized context, the magical Manzoni basis that official art provides, was equivalent to being mistaken for a village speck: the weirdo who speaks for himself.

To escape this peculiarity, perfectly aware that I am not crazy nor abandoned to fate, I traveled to the end this feeling of speaking alone. I designed and created an event devoid of spectacular character and without the presence of an audience aware of it, as happens in many moments of everyday life.

The action took place in the personal doctor’s office where, having gone to me as a regular patient, I told with extreme clarity of my constant talking to myself. I confided to the doctor, completely unaware of the project, the full awareness of my tic and despite this of the inability to escape it. So, following the normal diagnostic practices, he referred me to a Mental Health Center where I was examined for two hours. They asked me numerous questions, they entered my privacy as usually happens in these cases. I answered without lying and without being theatrical. After the visit I was advised on a treatment for which I still have a prescription.

I titled the action “After talking to myself for a long time, I finally decided to listen to myself”, I printed and sent a postcard to my acquaintances and to a list of strangers chosen from the telephone directories of the Italian provinces.