Concerto per Chiari e Calore (Concert for Chiari and warmth)



Centrale Fies, Dro (TN, Italy)
duration 20'12’’.

Dark environment. On the table a box of matches and a pin.

My hands pierce the darkness and pick up the box still intact. I open it, take out five matches by placing them on the table. I lift the box from the support surface by piercing the corners of the lower face and plugging the holes with four matches. With the match left, I light the whole box. The hands withdraw and the image of the box remains until the fire goes out.

Inside each match box there is a piano.


Presented and produced by Centrale Fies with the support of the Luigi Bonotto Foundation on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Giuseppe Chiari’s participation in the Festum Fluxorum in February 1963 (Musik und anti-Musik das Instrumentale Theater, Dusseldorf).