Bamboo bamboo bamboo

Hybrid installation
Stone, blood and bamboo

Wednesday 21 - 27 June 2000

Villa Venier Sommacampagna (VR, Italy)

In the park of Villa Venier and in a marginal position with respect to the building, there is a small bamboo clearing that grows almost alien in the classicism of the park and the building. This is not a green reality that attracts attention, you see it detached and secluded.
If you get close, the bamboo seems to shake us and come to life as a result of a heartbeat that originates from the bush and expands into the air.

A large stone hidden among the bamboo … its upper face is shaped like a bowl and full of blood to the brim, my blood. Between the pipes, two very hardly visible speakers spread the heartbeat that seems to arise from the bloodstone. Unexpectedly, what the eye sees and what the ear hears do not seem to combine in an orthodox way, it looks like a vegetable portion that communicates heartily with those who walk in the park.