Chromed metal, wood and aluminum,
29 X 15.5 X 11 cm.

The trophy of the main sports tournaments is offered again every year and the name of the new holder is engraved on the cup and is added to the list of all previous winners. When there is no space on the metal, the updating of the list continues on special additions to the base that raise the trophy and allow the recognition of the team or individual champion.

Over time the cup will tend to fade as it will reach heights that will make it invisible, almost a legend.

Atrophy is a project that embodies a “common property” and that re-discusses the fetishistic and exclusive nature of artistic possession. It is a small trophy placed, as per tradition, on a base. The work cannot be completely owned. It can only be shared with X number of sharers. Each of them will have their name and surname engraved on a plate fixed to the base of the trophy. As the list of names increases, the trophy will rise from the ground due to the rising of the base itself.

By paying a fee that covers the living expenses of management and updating, the sharer will acquire the right to see his name engraved on the plaque and fixed to the trophy.

The work will be exhibited on loan from a museum and the development of the project and the list of holders of the trophy will be updated by the institution which together with the author will be the guardians of the entire project.


The project may continue beyond the natural limit of the author.