Still from vedeo.
Still from video.
Still from video.
aD ada, 2016 Digital prints on dibond, 50 X 33 cm.
Sweet Dada, sugar sachet, 4.4 X 7 cm.

aD ada

Hybridizcation 11

Friday and Saturday, 5/6 February 2016
D’ada birthday

Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (CH).
Duration 7 '


"aD ada", 2016
"Sweet D'ada", 2016.

La mia cagnolina si chiama Ada und nicht zufällig wird so genannt … almost Dada, three letters, double face… elle est toujours avec moi. Sígueme, la sigo por todas partes. Mi smo svi jedno.


Sitting in a corner, next to each other, comfortable and relaxed. Behaviors all around they are the normal ones of those who live together in an audience environment. Not even a striking gesture, not we do anything that will catch the eye.
Confused with the decor and lost in variety human we remain adherent side by side.

I throw her a letter “D”, an exact cookie portion of a meal of Ada … and she brings it back, perhaps, until the object crumbles (D’ada denies himself) and Ada then eats it (D + ada), while the rest proceeds normal …