a-riano (a-ryan)


Casual or voluntary approach relationship
and contact, susceptible to developments
or definitions within particular relationships
or meanings.

This is how I meet people, words and things.

February 19, 2022
Caracol Olol Jackson, Vicenza
Fluorescence n. 12,
Artistic investigations on the contemporary body.

Butcher's. Giovanni Morbin,
Top quality meats.

curated by Ichen and Roberto Mascella.

Blond…grey and blue-eyed. A distinctive and unmistakable brand.

To be such, I lose my sight at the very moment in which I give myself to that of the public.

I can’t see, I’m at the mercy of the moment and I’m talking about images, the images that characterize my figure as an artist.

Meh! What a purebred.