Scultura sociale
Application 1

Berti hardware store
Cornedo Vicentino (VI)

Two modules.

March 2003.

A hardware store specializing in the supply of accessories such as knobs, furniture feet and in particular handles, present in the hundreds, of every shape, material and price.

It was here that I conceived Scultura sociale and, once it was ready, it was natural for me to think of showing it in preview in Ferramenta Berti. I liked the idea of confusing it among the goods even before isolating it aseptically in the gallery.

The work was exactly where the idea was born.

I proposed the idea of an exhibition and for a series of coincidences my idea was more than welcome. It was decided that the graphic layout would be the one already in use and so the contents of the project were simply added to the letterhead, envelopes and business cards of the shop. The invitation should have been sent according to the practice of the exercise. The addresses of regular customers and those of collectors, curators, gallery owners, artists and friends thus merged into a single mailing list, despite knowing that many invitations would end up directly in the trash as often happens when we receive yet another proposal at home of purchase.

It was exciting and unusual to see the common clientele mix with art lovers, artists, curators and collectors, all reached by the same invitation to share an experience.

So it is in everyday life.