Concerto a perdifiato

for fifteen instruments

Verona, State High School "Scipione Maffei",
Thursday, February 13, 1997, 11.00 am.


Raffaella Benetti
Alberto Bertoni
Tommaso Castiglioni
Ludovica Fales
Sabrina Gecchele
Giovanni Morbin
Stefano Noro
Stefano Pazzocco
Luca Protto
Francesca Raineri
Valentina Sartori
Martino Simonetti
Alessandra Vigolo
Valentina Sartori
Patricia Zanco


Pneumatic chronicles 54 "
Silence 33 "
At least the world is pleasant 2'15 "
See with tact 45 "
See with tact 45 "
Toll-free number 1'15 "
Other than a precise description 38 "
At my origin 6 "
Implosion 1'30 "
Committed to giving oneself one o'clock
Spring 1'35 "
Species of evolution 1'10 "
There is still great excitement 26 "
Light music 1'40 "
Unlimited 1 "
Summary 2 '

Concerto a perdifiato is a tribute to music and its silence. In the orchestra, wind instruments are also called brass as well as brass is a Strumento a perdifiato.

Unlike what happens in the traditional orchestra, the instrumentalists of the Concerto a perdifiato are all soloists without a conductor since the ensemble is made up of instruments designed and created to speak to themselves.

Concerto a perdifiato is a concrete example of the use of the tool. It is generally designed for a maximum group of twenty-five orchestras, but it can also be performed by a smaller number of people and even by a single individual.

The orchestra, made up of a fixed nucleus of five / six elements, finds the rest of the members in the city that hosts the project. The ideal group should accommodate different sensitivities and not necessarily coming from the visual artistic fields.

One month before the performance, the members of the orchestra will have at their disposal instrument, titles-themes for reflection with relative duration and order of execution and will thus be able to prepare their interventions in full autonomy.

Among the audience, some tools will be arranged to allow those from the audience who want to join the orchestra.


The concert can be performed by an orchestra arranged as follows:

All the members in the same place performing in front of the public;

All the members who, in the same place but scattered throughout the space, will perform among the public;

All the members will perform on the same day and at the same time but in different parts of the city.